Honda's Newest Use of Technology Promotes Safety

Putting safety first is something that Honda has always been noticeable in achieving. Honda is making the headlines yet again by using what they already know and implementing what they have learned in more recent years. Catching the spotlight on safety has been a commendable effort for Honda as they move forward in the auto industry.

Honda has used a form of technology that they call LS-DYNA since 1998. LS-DYNA CAE is a non-linear crash simulation software package that is the basis for the newly developed technology. Honda has now incorporated three-dimensional visualization software known as DELTAGEN. Through partnering with 3DXCITE, formerly known as RTT, Honda is breaking ground on something big. This combination of old technology with new technology will help boost the ability to analyze safety specs in depth from all different angles.

Technology can be a tough shell to crack at times. It appears as though it becomes a foreign language to many readers. To sum up the tech-talk, the new form of technology that Honda is implementing is helping the automakers by using 3D animation with crash testing. The simulation can be completed in a matter of hours rather than weeks. By allowing the experts to view the results of a simulation from different perspectives, it helps determine any adjustments for optimal safety enhancements.

This technology speeds up the process of safety testing while also resulting in some of the safest vehicles on the roads today. The ability to secure the cabin of the vehicle is a precious feature. However, Honda understands it is not the only safety focus. They take into consideration all obstacles that drivers are succumbed to by preparing the Honda models for the highway. Honda’s dedication to protecting their drivers, and anyone else who might be on the road around them, is a number one priority.