Honda Has Big Dreams For A Green Future

Honda Has Big Dreams For A Green Future

Honda Commits To The Environment

Green Honda for a green future is a goal at Honda Motor Company. Honda is the largest manufacturer of engines in the world and is committed to considering the environmental impact of these engines on everything. Honda’s goal is to ensure that its engines and the things they power are as fuel-efficient and clean as possible.

Environmental Impact Goals

Honda's goal for 2030 through 2040 is to work on electrifying its fleet so that 100% of car sales by 2040 are electric. The primary goal is to hit 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2035. To meet this ambitious goal, Honda plans to launch a new series of EV models by the second half of the decade. By 2050, Honda hopes to have carbon neutrality for all products and activities. Honda also plans to have an expanded range of electrical products to help realize this goal.

Honda Environmental Initiatives

Honda has several environmental entities to focus on its clean energy goals. These include the following organizations and processes:

The LCA process is essential for understanding the impact of Honda products and activities on the environment. The LCA process covers six unique areas to identify opportunities for improving environmental conditions related to Honda products and activities. These areas include:

Every phase of Honda and Acura product development goes over various environmental factors to ensure that certain goals are being met. For example, Honda is committed to maintaining a minimum level of recyclability at 90% for all its vehicles across brands. Honda has met this goal in all new products since 2004.

Honda also strongly engages with over 700 suppliers to improve conditions in its supply chain regarding the environment and other factors. Because the automotive supply chain is extremely complex, Honda has committed to using a common message and approach with minimum guidelines and expectations for ethics, environmental impact, human rights, and more.

Green Honda Car

The Green Honda Commitment

Part of the Green Honda standard is Honda’s Green Purchasing guidelines, which were implemented in 2011. Over 500 of Honda’s suppliers currently report CO2 emissions to Honda and are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint. These environmentally conscious companies represent 96% of Honda’s North American parts purchasing partners. The other important area of environmental impact is manufacturing. Roughly 97% of CO2 emissions from Honda’s North American manufacturing operations fall into two categories:

In 2021, the total CO2 emissions decreased by just over 9% across the board. Reasons for the decrease include more waste elimination and production reductions. Using raw materials more efficiently contributes to less waste.

At Harrisonburg Honda, we’re always on board with the Green Honda standard. Come in today to check out Honda’s fleet of EV models and contribute to a greener future.