Honda Pilot Staunton VA

Easy Does it in the Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is a quiet ride with a spacious cabin cushioned by smooth and easy driving. We can’t wait for the families in Staunton to visit us at Harrisonburg Honda to see our selection.

It’s a Family Space

There’s a lot to love about the Honda Pilot. This high-ranking, midsize SUV remains a favorite with families that like to spread out in their vehicles. The sturdy and reliable SUV comfortably seats eight and makes the ride a pleasure. The impressive powertrain starts with a V6 engine that boosts the horsepower needed for quick acceleration guided.

Quiet, Comfort and Ease

Kids tend to remember the comfort of the Honda Pilot. The spacious interior makes you feel like you’re sitting in your living room. The upgraded suspension and soundproofing make it a smooth, quiet ride. The exceptional suspension of the Honda Pilot will smooth out those bumps in the road, while the extra soundproofing mutes the wind and road noise. The combination sets it apart from other SUVs in its category. And the upper trims go a step further by using laminated door glass and extra door noise sealing.

The Honda Pilot was designed for family life. So it makes sense for the whole family test drive one at Harrisonburg Honda. We invite the families from Staunton VA to come and feel the easy comfort of this SUV. We also think they’ll appreciate the view out the expansive panoramic roof.


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The Careful Sensing of a Honda

The multi-faceted Honda Sensing Suite boosts safety and diminishes stress on drivers. The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) are two options that work in conjunction with this system. They are guided by the ultra-sensory technology mounted on the front of the car. Before you set your standard Cruise Control, you can designate the desired gap between you and the car ahead of you. Then, when you’re tootling along the highway at your set speed, the Honda Sensing has got your back if you start to zone out. If you come up too quickly on another car, the FCW will kick in and sound off a warning.

It’s no surprise that the Honda Pilot has remained a favorite with families. After all, who wouldn’t want the great value, comfort, and safety of this powerful SUV? And the selection and expertise at Harrisonburg Honda will make it easy for you. And the families from Staunton VA appreciate our pre-approved financing, which will allow you to walk into our showroom as a buyer, not a window shopper.

Harrisonburg Honda Is Here for YOU

Harrisonburg Honda has the selection you’ve been searching for, including the all-new Honda Pilot. Our team loves working with our friends in the Staunton area. The Harrisonburg Honda sales staff will be happy to assist you throughout the entire purchasing process, and every mile down the road.

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