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Get to Know Our Salesperson of the Month


Harrisonburg Honda is proud to recognize Tony as our March Salesperson of the Month. Help us congratulate him on a job well done!

Tony Morris Cousins has been a member of the Harrisonburg Honda team for 3 years! He began his career with us in 2018 in our Internet Sales Department and has been a true customer advocate during this time. His commitment to our customers, hard work, and love of all things Honda is why we are honored to select him as our March Salesperson of the Month.

Meet Our Salesperson of the Month, Tony Morris Cousins

We think Tony is pretty awesome and we believe you will too! Over the past 3 years, his focus has been on customer service while helping our customers get the best deal on a new or used vehicle. He is extremely knowledgeable about our Honda products and can help you find the vehicle of your dreams! Get to know Tony in his own words below.



Check out the full Q&A with Tony Morris Cousins down below!

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jenniferleigh 1/22/2019
With this being my first car buying experience, I could not be happier. I worked with a very informative and charismatic dealer, Keith, who gave me all information up front and didn't try to hide any details. I would definitely recommend coming to this dealership.

Meg 1/22/2019
Service was outstanding. Service department seems trustworthy, the service advisors were SO friendly and helpful, and were completely transparent as far as what the cost would be. Even the shuttle driver was friendly and great to talk to. Outstanding service! Highly recommend and am very satisfied.

Aspen Phares 11/18/2017
Kyle did an amazing job selling me my new car! Made it super fast a pain free, in and out in a short amount of time! Thanks for being awesome and shifting me towards the car of my dream!

Nate Ives 9/27/2017
I bought my 2013 Honda Civic from Tyler Rich last year on August 31, 2016 to get rid of my lemon of a car. Tyler was extremely professional and gave me an amazing deal on my car. He even put a full tank of gas and got it detailed for me!! It is now September 27, 2017 and I've put about 16k on her and not a single thing wrong with it. Thanks again to Tyler and H-Burg Honda for a great car and a very professional and friendly experience!!

Tara Long 9/26/2017
We had a great experience and I highly recommend Tyler Rich for any of your vehicle needs! He is awesome to work with and has continuously helped us with different questions and things since purchasing our new Accord. We will definitely be back to see him soon for our next vehicle purchase!

Keith Lewis 9/21/2017
2009 Honda Fit airbag inflators were recall items - scheduled about 5 days out 8am - got there early- hour later heading out - noticed the stereo wouldn't power after the install a few hours of being on a couple business calls- came back they were very concerned with this - took it apart- found a loose wire and fuse popped- repair made and away we go.

Caitlin Pitts 9/5/2017
I had a good experience at Harrisonburg Honda and am very happy with my new car. Kyle helped me with it, and I really appreciated his friendly, down-to-earth style. I would certainly come back again!

Chris Amos 8/21/2017
I've bought 7 vehicles from this place.... top notch place. They've always taken care of me.

Roger Dodd 8/5/2017
The service was top notch, from the start of the visit to the end everyone was friendly and helpful. The lady at the checkout noticed that I had an Armed Forces logo on my water bottle and when she realized that I was a veteran she refunded me the amount of the discount. She didn't have to do that, I would never have known and she was very respectful. Both thumbs up!!

Lisa Marie 6/23/2017
My buying experience went smoothly. But the real story is in their service. Twice I have been in for service and it has been very different from other dealerships! Wow is all I can say. Fast service with a smile! Everyone is friendly and cheerful and makes you feel welcome. Walked me through the checkout. Thanked me for my business. And did what I asked for. A+

Elise Poffenberger 5/31/2017
What an amazing experience! We drove here after having a negative experience elsewhere and I'm so glad we did. Though everyone we interacted with was helpful and friendly, Kyle, our sales associate, was the BEST! He was friendly, professional, informative, etc. The process was smooth and efficient and all of our questions were answered. We love Harrisonburg Honda!! We'd definitely buy another car here.

Jen Kratz 5/21/2017
We had an awesome experience with Harrisonburg Honda, particularly with Cristian Floyd. We walked in not sure what we were looking for exactly and left driving exactly what we always wanted. Cristian handled the whole experience with grace. We will certainly be back to buy our next car!

Jordan Conner 5/13/2017
Such a great car buying experience! Maria was amazing and the process was super smooth. After going to other dealerships, I can honestly say Harrisonburg Honda is the best all around. I look forward to working with you guys in the future and seeing you soon for service! Thanks again. So in love with my car!


- Full Q&A with Tony Morris Cousins -


Q:How long have you been at Harrisonburg?

I’ve been here 2 and 1/2 years in the online sales department and 3 years total here at Harrisonburg Honda.

Q:What was your first job?

A:My first real big boy job was I worked at a Foot Action in Charlottesville, VA. It was my first sales experience, so I loved it. It was kind of brutal at first. When you have big retro release days, people lined up, like 100 people in line that want their shoes immediately, so it kind of threw me into the fire, and I loved it. I really enjoyed selling shoes.

Q:Who inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

A: I would say my biggest inspiration for what I am doing today would just be my father. He kind of dabbled around a lot of jobs. He ended his career as a trucker. He worked for UV hospital. But also with the help of my mom. Those are probably the two leading factors, I think. They got me where I’m at today and inspired me to be as successful as I am today as well.

Q: What skill do you think everyone should learn?

A: I’m thinking bilingual is a huge skill set. Especially not just in our community but for everyday experiences. It’s something I wish I would have taken advantage of in college and in high school.

Q:If you could get a new skill in 10 minutes, what would it be?

A:Skateboarding. I always played Tony Hawk Pro Skater as a kid, and I could ride a skateboard and do like a little Ollie, but doing a full-on nose grind or any kind of trick like that on a board would be pretty awesome to learn in 10 minutes.

Q:What are your pet peeves?

A: I think loud chewers. Like people that chew chewing gum loud is my only pet peeve. Other than that, I’m a happy go lucky guy.

Q:What's your dream car?

A: So my dream vehicle would probably be a 1969 Dodge Charger, either in black or decked out like General Lee because I was a big Dukes of Hazard fan growing up.

Q:What upcoming technological innovation will dramatically impact the industry in the next five years?

A: I think in the next five years, something that is going to impact the industry dramatically is going to be more adaptive cruise control and collision mitigation braking systems, standard. That could be a big thing going forward. It seems like a very simple installation basically to equip every car with a collision-avoidance system. So, I think that would be something to look forward to in 5 years from now.

Q: What’s a book you recently read that you’d recommend to others and why?

A: Tears of a Tiger, by Sharon Draper. I believe that’s how you pronounce the last name. It’s basically about two young kids in high school, two basketball players (athletes), who had a sports car and too much to drink, and I’m not going to ruin the end, but you can imagine how it can be. It has its ups and downs, and it’s one book that I read as a kid, and I’m still kind of going back to it in today’s society. It’s always applicable.

Q: Which movie have you seen recently or what are you watching on Netflix?

A: Right now, I’m watching Boardwalk Empire. I’m starting season 5 tonight. I’m super excited. I love 1930’s and 1940’s America, in a sense. So if I could go back in time, I would definitely go back to the ’30s as well because I love it.

Q: What was your favorite music genre?

A: I’m a big folk music guy. Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, I know that’s not your typical folk style music, but kind of those banjo, loud pianos, loud drums, good time. Folkstyle is what I love the most.

Q:Do you have a pet? What’s he/she like?

A: I do have a pet. Her name is Lulu. She is three years old. She’s a 22 pound Border Terrier, and she is the second love of my life besides my girlfriend.

Q:Do you have traditions in your family?

A: I’d say the biggest tradition in our family is every Christmas we do a big oyster stew dinner. I’m from Green County, right across the mountain. For some reason, oyster stew in my family is just like one big thing. It’s usually 30 or 40 of us before, of course, COVID, and we’d just get together and pig out on some oyster stew and sleep the rest of the day away. So that’s one tradition I look forward to every single year.

Q:Do you cook?

A: The one thing I love making the most is sesame beef with rice. I actually had it last night, so I’m still suffering from that because it was awesome. Sometimes we’ll throw some broccoli in there, some carrots, green onions, chives, and kind of mix it up a little bit. But sesame beef and rice is one thing we cook; I cook a lot at the house.

Q:Pineapple pizza. Yay or nay?

A:Never. Never would try it, never will attempt to try it. It doesn’t belong on pizza. A pineapple’s a pineapple. Don’t ruin a good thing.

Q:What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?

A: In high school and college, I loved drawing. I could have gone to college and focused on art more, but I didn’t; I don’t know why. That’s one skill set that I still have today that I love doing. I just. If you ever catch me at the dealership, you’ll see on the corner of my notepad me scribbling cartoons or zig-zag lines. Things like that. I just keep the creative juices flowing.

Q: What’s the best advice you can give to someone who just started their career?

A: The best advice that I could give anyone that’s just starting in this business is don’t be afraid to talk to somebody. Because if you are afraid to talk to somebody, chances are, you should be talking to them. And chances are, it’s going to be a relationship that you’re going to build that’s going to last quite some time.